Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits is a Southeastern regional chain of quick service restaurants based in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in spicy, "Cajun" fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits. The company has 630 locations that include company and franchise owned locations.

Bojangles’ conducted a national search for a supplier that could not only handle their marketing print and fulfillment demands, but also provide innovative technology solutions.  After an extensive search, All Points was awarded the business and has delivered upon their pledge of delivering world class product and services.

The Challenge

On a monthly basis, Bojangles’ performs promotions to communicate directly with potential or existing customers encouraging them to buy the featured product and recommend it to others. The promotional mix involves various promotional materials including a variety of point of purchase materials such as window clings, yard sign, menu toppers, counter cards, table toppers, and other items.  The challenge with Bojangles’ vast franchise community was each franchise store configuration is unique influencing the type and quantity of each promotional item.  Furthermore, the promotional materials have various price points printed on the materials that are specific to their pricing strategy.  Bojangles was handling the solicitation process through conventional means such as mail, email and fax.  The ordering processes included franchisees manually filling out and returning forms to the Support Center for interpreting and consolidation.  This process was time consuming and lent itself to errors due to the numerous steps and permutations of 

The Solution

All Points technology enabled franchisee’s to view and order promotional materials through a dedicated promotional module utilizing the existing web ordering portal that is hosted and maintained by All Points.  The franchisees are electronically alerted that a new promotion has been created.  The communication to the field has the promotion specifications, key dates, and other critical information.  At that point, franchisees are given amble time to view and order the materials they choose by pointing and clicking in the module. After the order is placed the recipient receives an order confirmation.  The portal also provides a significant feature of adding specific price points to the printed item of their choice. All Points provides reports to corporate as to the participation levels of the franchisees.  Systematically, the print and fulfillment production orders are created, produced

The Results

With the new promotional module added to the existing Bojangles’ ordering site, the on-line promotional and ordering process eliminated countless emails and other communications to the franchise community. The new method of accumulating the data reduced needless hours of consolidating orders and figuring out what materials and quantities went to what locations. As well as reducing the overall timeline, the number of errors decreased, the overall price of materials was lowered and participation levels increased due to franchisees being able to easily view the promotional items and accurately predicting their promotional budget.

Lastly, the creditability of the Bojangles’ corporate Support Center was enhanced due to bringing initiative ideas to the field that are easy to use and cost effective.