In 2000, AT&T Wireless was spun off from AT&T Corp in the world’s largest initial public offering at the time. Four years later, AT&T agreed to be acquired by Cingular Wireless; an event that would form the largest wireless carrier in the United States.

The Challenge

The merger to form the largest wireless carrier in the United States was about to be finalized….Cingular and AT&T were about to unite as one company. A Justice Department directive prohibited the two companies from communicating directly with one another until the merger was approved by the FCC and FTC.

This put Cingular in a most difficult position of being forbidden from distributing vital internal communication materials to its soon to be 80,000 combined employees. The materials included a multi-staged transition plan with detailed timelines that varied by an employee’s role and responsibilities. In order to create the smoothest, most seamless merger transition for its customers, Cingular and AT&T needed a way to coordinate and distribute the plan.

The Solution

All Points was chosen to act as the communications intermediary between the two companies and to execute the materials distribution plan.

All Points built a website to serve as the Cingular/AT&T communications gateway and established an email address to which inquiries related to the materials distribution could be directed.

Then All Points got started on the execution phase of the project. The kit components varying by employee role were analyzed to determine optimal packaging size and functionality. With consideration for purpose and content of materials, a box was designed with a plastic handle to make it easier for employees to carry the materials from meeting to meeting. And, delivery address data was “scrubbed” to ensure accurate shipping information.

The Results

All Points provided a conduit for communication, the expertise in packaging design and shipping analysis, and the tools for a time-sensitive, critical document distribution.

After compiling the Kickoff Box orders, over 22,000 packages were packed and shipped within twenty-four hours…the equivalent of the weekly volume of FedEx overnight packages for the entire Atlanta area. The quality control procedures eliminated over five hundred potential packing errors and limited shipping-related issues to just ten packages.

And, All Points temporarily became a distribution hub for FedEx which placed fourteen employees on site to manage the outgoing packages.

The turn time on packing and shipping was an amazing feat especially when considering the volume, complexity and time-sensitivity of the distribution.

At the conclusion of the project, Theresa Childs - MS&L for the Cingular and AT&T Merger stated:

“All Points processed 22,059 overnight FedEx packages in 1 day for us. The miracle happened for 2 reasons: Our team was prepared and we had a great partner in All Points. I witnessed one of the most amazing fulfillment projects that I have ever seen!”