SunTrust Bank is one of the nation’s largest financial holding companies. Through its banking subsidiaries, the company provides deposit, credit, trust, and investment services to a broad range of retail, business, and institutional clients.

The Challenge

Over a number of years, SunTrust aggressively pursued market share growth through a series of acquisitions. As soon as an acquisition was completed, the new bank branches had to reflect a consistent SunTrust brand message.

This posed a huge challenge for the SunTrust marketing team because each set of acquired banks had their own set of point-of-purchase hardware. Since SunTrust did not have an accurate picture of the POP hardware in each branch, POP print quantities had to cover any hardware type for every branch, causing high print overrun costs. Print overrun costs were in excess of 30% of the total print budget.

After each new promotion, the marketing team was inundated with hundreds of calls requesting POP materials that fit their hardware configuration, which then had to be pulled and resent. This cost SunTrust time, extra shipping charges, and created increased frustration across the board.

The Solution

All Points conducted a POP survey across all 1,700 branches. POP hardware specifics were identified for each branch, captured in a POP database, then developed and maintained by All Points. In addition, All Points set up a customer service line, enabling the branches to update their POP information on an ongoing basis.

All Points now provides SunTrust POP print quantities for each fixture type, across regional or system wide campaigns. That means each branch receives exactly what they need, at a great savings to SunTrust.

The Results

All Points significantly impacted SunTrust’s bottom line by:

  • Reducing SunTrust’s printing budget by 30%
  • Reducing shipping costs by 15%
  • Freeing one head count by eliminating POP customer service calls
  • Removing monthly program headaches by providing an integrated system that is managed by All Points