Adapting in the Age of Social Media
Todd Travis
Oct 14th, 2015

I have been fascinated by the social media craze and have paid particular interest to how our corporate clients are using it. It is not an exact science, so of course, it’s all about experimenting – testing and tweaking and changing formulas.

Have you heard of Smashburger®? Their 100% Certified Angus Beef® burgers and special toppings have aided in their success. But Smashburger’s secret has been their social media outreach. They have grown from 3 locations to 150+, building brand awareness and boosting sales by engaging consumers and running coupon offers and promotions on Facebook and Twitter.

As the owner of a fulfillment company, at first this social media stuff was scary. The way people are communicating is changing drastically. Could this change the fulfillment industry? ‘Yes and no’ would be my answer. As a marketing execution/fulfillment company, we have seen some marketing departments cut their traditional print, promotional and direct mail campaign budgets. Instead, that money has been directed into organizations’ social media platforms. So, yes, we did see an initial drop in budgets but long term, we believe they will come back.


Everyone has heard of Tide® laundry detergent. Did you know it has over 2,500,000 Facebook fans? That’s crazy, I know. How did they do it? Through product sampling and give-aways, by running sweepstakes and awarding lifetime supplies – many, many ways. When I saw this statistic, I had my ‘A-ha!’ moment. The consumer still loves free stuff – promotional items, branded merchandise, swag – you name it. If you’re going to use social media to drive brand awareness, traditional marketing and branding methodologies still come into play. They may just underlie or trigger the social media tactics. We have seen it firsthand. So am I worried? Nope, I’m excited by all the opportunity social media brings to the marketing execution world!