All Points in the Digital Age
Kathy Hoerler
Oct 14th, 2015

All Points is currently conducting a promotion geared to clients that asks them to name our new digital press. It made me stop to think how dramatically the fulfillment industry has changed. When I started All Points, we fulfilled orders received via phone and fax. We manually logged information into a book to process UPS packages. Mass quantities of generic materials were printed and warehoused. Marketing communications with targeted, unique messaging were not viable. Today, with digital print, social media, eCommerce, hand-held mobile devices (and the list goes on), our industry may be the most impacted by these kinds of technological changes. The way we interact with – and serve – our clients, from Fortune 100 to small businesses, has changed and will continue to do so. All Points embraces that change. That’s apparent by our robust on-line fulfillment programs that have replaced yesterday’s fax orders, and by our in-house on-demand, variable printing.

If you had told me five years ago that we would own a digital press, I would have said you’re crazy! I always wanted to stay away from owning that type of equipment. But in watching all these changes and listening to our clients’ needs, the decision was easy. We’ve had the press now for four months and it is amazing to see the quality and volume of work this machine produces. The Digital Age continues to evolve at All Points and we couldn’t be happier!