Competition in Today's Fulfillment Market
Todd Travis
Oct 9th, 2015

A question commonly asked of us is “with whom does All Points compete”?  On the surface this an easy question to answer, however, not an easy one to answer if you truly look beyond our competitor’s websites and marketing brochures.

Pick and pack services, by themselves, can be performed by a variety of companies.  Everyone from conventional printers, freight couriers, ecommerce companies, and general warehousers participate in moving product from point A to B.  We even see so called fulfillment ‘experts’ having problems with shipping accurately, on-time deliveries, and adding value within their service offering.

With nearly two decades of experience, my advice to companies looking to outsource or make fulfillment changes is to look beyond the slick marketing, do your homework, and dig deep into core capabilities.  After you feel comfortable with the prospective company’s capabilities, the next step is to delve into the company’s culture.  Talk with the company’s employees.  Equally as important, call existing and old clients to discuss how easy they are to work with at all levels.  You’ll be surprised at the answers you get when you simply ask several pointed questions on the company’s culture and their ability to add material benefit.

In closing, competition is everywhere and all pick and pack programs shouldn’t be treated equally.  Your program will have special nuances that not all fulfillment companies can or are willing to adapt to while providing best practices in the industry.   It’s about finding a fulfillment partner that has the core service offering that meets your goals, has flexibility, and fits into your culture.