Whatever It Takes
Duane Kalinowski
Nov 3rd, 2015

When our clients call us, they instantly pick up on the passion we have for their business. I’ve witnessed it firsthand:

  • We’ve chased down UPS and FedEx trucks to hand off late rush orders given to us over the phone after hours.
  • We’ve left late in the evening and come back in, just hours later, to finish a kitting job that delivered to us late, but had to go out.
  • We’ve received an urgent call on a Saturday, and then opened the warehouse to pull material for an event in town.
  • We’ve taken over a high-profile program for a new client, building a complex website in less than a week while making for a seamless experience for the end-users.

Simply put, the staff at All Points does “Whatever It Takes” to get the job done because we care and understand the importance of each and every request. Because of that, we’re diligent about who we hire and make sure that each individual fits into our culture.

Most companies sell you something they’re not or they sell you something they wish they could be. Once the client leaves a meeting, everyone scratches their heads, looks at one another – and someone says “How are we going to give them what we promised?”. You know what happens – they don’t because they can’t. They’ve promised you things they can’t deliver. At All Points, the promise we can make is that we only commit to projects and client work that are a part of our core. If your project doesn’t fit us, we’ll suggest other resources to help you get it done.

Looking back since starting in 1995, I’m proud of who we are and what we stand for. The people of this organization make All Points a great place to be – and to work with.

Don’t take my word for it… call our clients. They’ll gladly let you know what they think of us.