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Case Study


Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps businesses manage and talk to their clients. With cutting-edge contact management practices, beautifully designed direct mail and email marketing campaigns, and powerful data reporting make them best in category for their industry.


Mailchimp was working with a vendor that had frequent miscommunications, missed SLAs, and a lack of needed services on their fulfillment and kitting programs. They were looking for a vendor that would be a partner, understand their business, and that could provide experience and thought leadership improving their frequent marketing campaigns.


When Mailchimp came to All Points we needed to set clear communication guidelines, understand the way the program was currently operating, listen to what their current pain points were, and what their vision was moving forward. Through a series of meetings with Mailchimp management we were able to create and implement a user-friendly ordering system with variable ordering restrictions, bulk ordering functionality, print-on-demand capabilities, and improve upon their SLAs by shipping orders within 24 hours.

Mailchimp was also in need of high-quality specialized kitting for VIP gifts, holiday gifts, and employee mailings. With All Points experience, we were able to create a gift packaging program that was eco-friendly and Mailchimp brand-centric.

Caring for the environment is very important to Mailchimp. All Points has partnered with Mailchimp in their green initiative so that all products used in their fulfillment are eco-friendly and shipped via carbon-neutral methods.


With the improved service levels, All Points ships over 10,000 pick and pack orders annually and approximately twenty specialized kitting projects ranging from 200 kits to 3,000 kits per project. This has resulted in a 60% Increase in user volume and order fulfillment for Mailchimp.