How We’re Turning Green

Those who work in shipping or supply chain logistics shudder when they consider how much waste material is generated by fulfillment and distribution services. We’ve had a front-row seat to this problem for years, and now after careful thought we’re taking steps to change the way we and our partners do business. Together we can make a huge difference environmentally.

All Points is a proud new member of the Georgia Recycling Coalition, and supports its efforts to encourage sustainable packing and fulfillment processes. In the same spirit that drives our involvement with GRC, we’re taking steps elsewhere to achieve a greener footprint as a business.

  • Working both independently and with our supply chain partners to research the latest in recyclable materials and
    processes, and whenever available we provide sustainable options to our customers.
  • Actively sourcing partial and/or fully recycled material.
  • Implementing a continuous improvement initiative in our own environmental management systems.
  • Setting an ultimate goal of zero waste.


This movement toward sustainability is good for the world around us, and if we do it right, it’s good for business, too.

Find out more about bringing stewardship and responsibility to your business at the Georgia Recycling Coalition website.