Case Study

Captain D's

Captain D’s is a national chain of fast-casual seafood restaurants. The company has over 500 corporately-owned and franchised locations. 

Captain D’s runs seven promotions in an average year. Their marketing and promotional materials include register toppers, table tents, menu board overlays, counter mats, window clings, coupons, and more. After stores receive each shipment of promotional materials, they can order any needed replacements or additional materials using a web portal or by calling a toll-free customer service line. 


Captain D’s needed a new fulfillment partner. Their existing provider failed to meet expectations across numerous criteria: they were unable to maintain updated, accurate inventory levels, to appropriately manage version control of printed items, or even to exercise care and tidiness in storing and handling items. Worse, the provider’s habitual unresponsiveness to Captain D’s support center, corporate store managers, field service representatives, and franchisees occasioned tremendous frustration.


All Points was chosen to step in and right the ship in the areas of fulfillment, a web ordering portal, and selective printing capabilities.  

Existing inventory was moved to a new location; as part of that transfer, each item was identified, categorized, counted and version-checked for obsolescence. Once inventoried, items then went to their new home: an organized, clean warehouse location. Physical inventory locations were uploaded into the warehouse management system for picking reference, while inventory quantities were uploaded to create beginning balances. 

Simultaneously, All Points developed and brought a new ordering site online. From that point forward, as new product arrived at the warehouse and was checked into the inventory management system, it became immediately available for ordering on the web portal. When product was ordered by store operators, the product was picked, packed and shipped the same day; system inventory totals automatically adjust to reflect receipts and shipments of product. With accurate information available, All Points created numerous role-specific reports to assist Captain D’s personnel, including item activity reports, usage by store, inventory levels, and more.


Captain D’s now has an online ordering portal for its network of users in the field, responsive customer service, clean product delivered in a timely manner, accurate inventory information, and useful inventory and activity reports in real-time. All in one partner: All Points.