Technology Case Study


KontrolFreek is the creator of Performance Gaming Gear that enhances the player experience by maximizing comfort and precision. KontrolFreek is both a B2B and B2C company with customers ranging from GameStop, Amazon, and consumers worldwide.


KontrolFreek was managing their program utilizing multiple print vendors. In efforts to grow their brand, they were not able to keep up with the increased order volumes. In addition, there was not an existing inventory management system that provided robust reporting and order tracking.


All Points brought KontrolFreek onto our inventory management system which allowed them to have real time visibility of their products and an inventory min/max system. All Points created two dedicated assembly and kitting teams that are well versed in their products and quality control procedures. The new kitting teams increased production up to 10,000 kits a day for retail and consumer orders which improved speed to market significantly.

KontrolFreek also had a consumer program that runs on a third-party platform with no integration capabilities. All Points has established a process to accurately track, manage inventory, and provide detailed reporting so there are no unexpected material or product shortages.


By utilizing dedicated teams to improve speed to market, All Points has been able to fulfill 775,000 kits to domestic and international locations. All Points technology, inventory control, and manufacturing/production solutions have virtually eliminated delays and significantly improved speed to market.